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Regarding Hot Pot Franchise


China joined the hot pot industry is enduring a dining format, the food and beverage industry accounted for 30% market share, so the pot industry is the industry that is the most chains, branded food and beverage format, its prospects are very optimistic.

Chongqing hot pot, as China's most concentrated areas, species diversity, to meet the tastes of all types of people, so the Chongqing hot pot brand like "hot" colors like hot pot, red hot, red hot. China joined the network, according to survey data Institute data show, joined the pot industry has become one of the founders of the most concern to the industry.

For those who want to get involved in the hot pot to join entrepreneurs catering industry, the industry is the first consideration, because it is easy to manipulate, simple process, store replicability strong. However, not all brands can pot a long standing in the market, consumer demand is greater than everything in this era, featuring the first shot to impress the market. Therefore, in the choice of venture capitalists to join the brand hot pot, hot pot brand characteristics should be the choice of the important part.


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