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Yingpai team building activity was successfully held in November


Yingpai sales department, including Domestic and foreign trade department, held a team building activity in Yuhui Badminton Hall on Nov.28.

This team building activity is mainly a badminton singles match well planned by foreign trade manager, Jaly.

We were devided into 4 teams,each team had a captain who is skill in playing badminton to lead their team to win this match.

All of us encouraged each other and tried our best to win every match.

This activity only can build up our body, but also can strengthens our cohesive force and team cooperation ability.

Besides, We could relax ourselves and release stress from our life and work during the badminton matches.

After 3 hours of fierce and brilliant competitions, champion finally won by the No.3 team which is led by the top sales Zhang.

Below is the picture of our champion, Zhang:

We believe that there's no perfect person in the world, only perfect team.We believe that the strength of the team.
Only the outstanding team can provide customers with quality services.
Yingpai will go on recruiting as many as talent sales to built a prefect team, and providing high quality services.
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