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Build Winpai dream with innocence


November 1949, the International Federation of Democratic Women of directors meeting held in Moscow, China and delegates angrily revealed imperialist reactionaries kill and poison children crimes. In order to protect the world of children's right to survival, health and education, order to improve the lives of children, it was decided in the annual June 1 International Children's Day.

Childhood language learning, we know that the words are emotional, out of context, but also exudes our subjective preferences. Then, "a playful spirit" the word is what color it? clarity is undoubtedly a commendatory.

From the "playful spirit" compliment color, insight into our hearts: language represents the spirit world, we have regarded as precious innocence exists. Only in this way, we will rejoice in it "does not obliterate," even with a bit of news meant.

What innocence that? As the name implies, naturally we have to go from children. What innocence that? We get more from the adult world view. Because after all, "a playful spirit" of the subject, precisely those complex emotions into it.

The perfect word, this vain defective state, it is difficult to suppress with envy. Innocence, not so much grow up from a nascent life honey fruit, as it is to people polished after growth, reflect on their own bitter experience, summed up the bright realm.

Tong Xinsheng length from the world of children, but not the same as naive. True innocence, innocence and eye indispensable. Judgments always been a naive sense of the state, if not the eye, which inevitably become confused naive. Accompanied by a thorough eye, innocence is directed fundamentally straightforward.

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