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Careful Preparation For Exhibition


Warmly congratulations to Guangdong Shunde Yinpai Electric Technology Co.,Ltd had completed perfect in the Seventh China Conference and hot pot industry 2016 China (Zhengzhou) hot pot ingredients supplies exhibition .

The exhibition organized by the China Hotel Association and Haiming International Exhibition Group. Guangdong Shunde Yinpai Electric Technology Co.,Ltd participated in the exhibition.

news-Careful Preparation For Exhibition-WINPAI-img

Form this exhibition, we are concerned to shows our three star product in 2016 , the lift hot pot and BBQ Smokeless barbecue oven  

Our company has been carefully prepared in this exhibition to launch a series of hot pot catering equipment, at the meeting aroused strong interest in the majority of food and beverage businesses, shopkeepers and other businesses in the pot, with many customers and reached a cooperation agreement or intention; and because the company has been committed on product transformation, innovation and improvement, to "continue the pursuit of perfection, professionalism and create a better future" for the purpose, and continue to the country and the world more hot pot restaurants, hotels achieve exquisite hot pursuit and unremitting efforts.



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