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Catering industry with each passing day, pot culture gradually


Recently, Unilever Foodsolutions title, the seventh Chinese hot pot Industry Conference will be hosted by the China Hotel Association kicked off June 15 in Zhengzhou. There will be more than 300 well-known hot pot chain from across the country, nearly 500 outstanding entrepreneurs pot convergence Zhengzhou. As the largest annual professional activities of the National pot industry, the conference will be closely linked to "strengthen the brand, to win the competition," the Forum themes pot, hot pot dialogue, new technologies and new product releases, the upstream industry base docking, Chinese hot pot brand 50 strong publishing activities.


The "pot diners consumer behavior and habits of investigation" and "brand new old pot brainstorming" session of the General Assembly will become a hot spot. Unilever Foodsolutions involved in collecting written 2015-- pot diners nationwide consumer behavior and habits 2016 annual report with the interpretation of the data for each region the country what kind of pot most sought after, some of which cater to consumers locate hot pot meal concerns . So as to more accurately depict the future development of the industry trend of pot, pot more effectively guide enterprises to develop strategies to cater to consumers.

Finally, all participants group photo, to show that a successful conclusion. news-Catering industry with each passing day, pot culture gradually-WINPAI-img

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