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Chung Yeung Festival


Chung Yeung Festival

   Chung Yeung Festival, also known as the nine Festival, Sun Festival, "Autumn", for the annual Lunar New Year on the ninth day of September, the traditional Chinese festivals. Celebrating the Chung Yeung Festival generally includes a tour of autumn, climbing overlooking, watching chrysanthemum, all over the dogwood, eat dumplings, chrysanthemum wine and other activities. Chung Yeung Festival, as early as the Warring States period has been formed, to the Tang Dynasty was officially designated as folk festivals, since the history of successive dynasties. Chung Yeung and the third day of March, "Spring" are all family out of the room, Chung Yeong all the relatives have to climb the day "disaster."

"Book of Changes" in the "six" as the number of negative, the "nine" as the number of Yang, September 9, the sun and the sun, two nine heavy, Gu Yue, also called heavy nine. Chung Yeung Festival as early as the Warring States period has been formed, since the Wei and Jin Dynasties atmosphere gradually rich, much ancient literati chanting, to the Tang Dynasty was officially designated as a folk festival, since the history of successive dynasties.

1989 lunar calendar on September 9 was designated as the elderly section, advocating the whole society to establish respect for the elderly, respect for the elderly, love the old, helping the old atmosphere. May 20, 2006, Chung Yeung Festival by the State Council included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

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The origin of the festival:

The source of Chung Yeung can be traced back to pre-Qin. "Lu Spring" in the "quarter of autumn" contains: "(September) ordered the family slaughter, agricultural income, give the five kinds of possession of the emperor received in the warehouse, only ordered." "Yes But also in the autumn of September when the harvest of crops to meet the Emperor, the ancestors, to Xie Tiandi, ancestors Ende's activities.

Han Dynasty, "Xijing Miscellanies" in the Western Han Dynasty when the palace people Jia Peilan said: "September 9, Pei dogwood, food bait, drink chrysanthemum wine, the cloud is longevity." According to legend from this time, with Chung Yeung Festival Seeking life vulgar This is influenced by the ancient wizards (later priests) pursuing longevity, taking drugs to take. At the same time there are large-scale banquet activities, by the pre-Qin feast of the feast from the development of the banquet. "Jing Chu years old mind" cloud: "September 9, four people and wild wild feast." Sui Du public note cloud: "September 9 banquet, unknown from the generation, but since to the Song Dynasty Change. "Seeking longevity and feast, constitute the basis of Chung Yeung Festival


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