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CNWINPAI smokeless BBQ with hot pot table

CNWINPAI smokeless BBQ with hot pot table

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CNWINPAI smokeless BBQ with hot pot table 

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CNWINPAI smokeless BBQ with hot pot table    

product modeWP-KC1
product sizedesktop 1.2X0.8m, 1.3X0.9m, 1.8X1.0m, 2.0X1.1m, 2.2X1.3m, height: 0.75m (size can be customized).
product material

stainless steel table frame + marble /wooden table top.     


 The surface material of this modern ready made solid surface  hot pot table is   non-toxic,  inodorous and nonradiative, safe for food contact.

• This ready made solid surface bright bar counters is non porous. Stains will not  seep into the surface.

• Surface stains  hot pot table can be easily wiped away with soap and water or buffed away for good, no special cleaner required.

• It is heat resistant. Minor heat damage usually can be buffed away. More severe heat damage can be inconspicuously repaired, too.

• It can be installed with no visible seams, leaving no caulk to maintain, no crevices for bacteria to breed, and no chance for the sink to sag over time.

• It is renewable and repairable, even from severe damage.

• It is more economical than granite or quartz after the edge profile and cutouts are figured in.

• Theready made solid surface  hot pot table comes with a 10-year warranty, much longer than granite or quartz.

• Direct sale from manufacturer  = competitive price.

• The color of table tops can be selective.

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This product use Photocatalyst + activated carbon purification, it can remove more than 95% smells.

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