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CNWINPAI spicy hot pot

CNWINPAI spicy hot pot

Chongqing Spicy Hot pot 




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Project overview:Time: 2016

Product: induction cooker:320*320mm, 2500w, hot pot table:1.3*0.9*0.75m, 1.3*1.3*0.75m 

Quantity: 23 pcs for induction cooker, steel ring 23 pcs for table, 23 pcs tables ,23 pcs Trolley, 92 pcs chairs

Restaurant owner: Mr. Wong

Background: Mr. Wong is a gentle man and has been operating restaurants for many years. This is his first hot pot restaurant. He visited a number of companies and eventually chose our company. Because he focuses on product quality and after-sales service.

Scheme Feature:The dining table and chairs match with the decoration style, Enjoy the hot pot with friends or family together is fun. 

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