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Our company successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 Certification Review


2015-06-07, quality certification center audit, after all departments to implement the quality management system and production workshop site management approach, the expert group members unanimously identified the electromagnetic furnace, electric furnace, the quality management system to meet the certification requirements, running effectively, once again successfully passed the annual quality system supervision and review work, to ensure the company's quality management system certification certificate of continuous and effective, further proof of the company's commercial use induction cooker, development, production and service quality level, to provide a strong guarantee for follow-up product marketing.

In future, the company will implement the system requirements, and further improve the quality of full consciousness, promote each employee responsibilities, duties, to promote the company production, technology, quality, safety to a new level, to establish induction cooker brand, as soon as possible to do strong electromagnetic furnace design and production of plate and make due contributions.

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