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Enhance team cohesion in the first quarter of 2015


To enhance the centripetal force and cohesive force of the plant staff, stimulate employee's responsibility and sense of mission, a sense of achievement, Guangdong Shunde Yingpai electrical technology Co., Ltd. in 2015 March 28, held the first quarter of 2015 to enhance team cohesion, Yingpai Electric technology Factory all staff to participate in the event.

Activity content is divided into two parts, namely, the military posture training and 3 PK projects. After serious and boring military posture training, it began to enter the exciting and interesting PK project. First all personnel in accordance with 12 people in a group is divided into eight small team and were numbered off pK (with the fastest speed to complete 1-100 numbered off for the win), common progress pK (with more than three leg forms. Most run over 20 meters from the finish to win), transport balloon pK (the fastest completed the balloons are transported to 20 meters away from the end point to win) three major projects for the game. 

Through this event, not only to allow employees to increase the workload of the heavy work, but also to enhance the team cohesion, so that employees can adjust the attitude, to a more healthy, more positive attitude, into the work, and the company to grow and develop together.

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