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A family member


— — Employee birthday party in March

To carry forward the culture of the company, let the staff feel to Yingpai electric family warm, give affirmation and appreciation to the staff for a long time hard work, express company employees on bit of concern, the company regularly for the staff held a birthday party, birthday are with the Department staff gathered together, all enjoyable, happy haunting them.

Birthday party. Everyone on the various links, sing the birthday song, blow out the candles and cut the cake, but also for the oldest people prepared a beautiful birthday card, though it is a small gesture, but poured into the company to staff's affectionate, caring can say the truth of such care paid every corner of the company, actively mobilize everyone's dedication and enthusiasm of the work attitude and style, so that we are the protagonist's attitude to work hard and work together with the company grow up.


news-A family member-WINPAI-img

news-WINPAI-A family member-img

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