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Conference of Supplier in all area


June 25, our material suppliers from around the country was gathered to participate in the 2016 Supplier Conference. Chief executive Liang Weijie, chairman and general manager Zhao Yuewu, financial managers Tan Llinsheng and departments representative attended the meeting. This meeting was chaired by the purchasing manager Liang Qiaobing.
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(Liang Weijie Representative )

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At the meeting, the supplier through the wonderful slide understand not omly the historical background of Winpai, but also development, enterprise status and vision.

Over the past few years, the integrity of cooperation, interdependence, we deeply feel their understanding and support for the Winpai , really is "proof of the pudding, zeroing." Our suppliers is not a simple relationship between the sale and support, but interdependent, deep, multi-faceted depth strategic partnership of cooperation.


The convening of this supplier conference, so Winpai and supplier partners unify their thinking, we will further strengthen strategic cooperation, deepen the breadth and depth of cooperation, further improve supply chain collaboration capabilities for both "good faith win-win" goal work together to achieve new heights.

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