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You needn't worry when electromagnetic furnace get failure


If the electromagnetic furnace suddenly failure, we do not have to worry, we can follow the shop with an electromagnetic stove to teach you the following method to do the first test of their own.

One, the plug in the plug is not heard (BI), according to the key indicator is not bright:

1. Is the plug falling off?

2. Fuse or circuit breaker is tripped?

3. Is the power cut off?

Two, a series of short (BI) a warning 10 seconds stop:

1. The use of the pot is appropriate?

2. Is the pot with the right center of the panel?

3. Is the diameter of the bottom surface of the pot larger than 10CM?

Three, using a sudden stop heating:

1. Is the ambient temperature too high?

2. In the inlet, the outlet is blocked?

3. When the insulation state, said that it has reached the set temperature.

4. The protective device of the machine may be a protective device, which is to wait for a few seconds to 20 seconds to confirm.

5. Whether the voltage is too low or too high.

6. 2 Hours may not be in any key.

Four, (insulation) using the temperature can't be controlled:

1. The use of pot is uneven, or sunken in the center?

2. Whether the heating function indicates whether the light is on or not?

Five, fault code:

1. E0 without pot protection

2. E1 voltage is too low

3. E2 voltage is too high  

4. Open and short circuit of E3 furnace

5. Open and short circuit of IGBT E4 sensor

6. E5 furnace surface temperature is too high (dry burning protection)

7. IGBT E6 temperature is too high (the fan does not turn or exhaust port has a foreign body block)

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