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The difference between a non-smoking pot table and a traditional hot pot table


There are many types of hot pot table, from the perspective of the consumer to find suitable for their own hot pot dish.     

Hot market in China, whether it is sent north, rinse, southern fishing, or the western famous Chinese hot pot - Chongqing hot pot spicy, are faced with a common problem that filled the shop, to allow a large number of customers especially female beauty shunned the pot fume smell: imagine, customers eat the hot pot meal, the body has a strong smell of smoke, especially clothes and hair. That is the customer to eat the hot pot, the pot boiling water vapor clip the smoke to go up to take the straight and the person's face and body. Fumes from the whole pot shop air quality and dining environment. Smoke harm to human health can't be underestimated. According to the relevant information, smoke is one of the carcinogens, but also to make the skin aging degree of about 30% in advance, often exposed to fumes, will accelerate the aging of the skin stratum, a long time will cause cancer. In addition, the fumes of the body and respiratory tract damage is not small; smoke gas is one of the major reasons leading to obesity. It can be said that the smoke has become a serious harm to human health is the most close to the enemy.

Comparison of the advantages of the traditional hot pot table with no smoking pot table:

1. Energy saving: no smoking pot to save gas about 95%, more than 50% of the gas can be used and absorbed by the pot, the summer can save air conditioning electricity 30%; while the traditional hot pot is a waste of energy, the real pot use and absorption of gas less than 30%.

2. Safety: Smokeless chafing dish to eat hot pot hole is no longer hot wounding the, can fully burning gas, does not produce chronic carbon monoxide poisoning; and traditional hotpot in the use of a high temperature, easy to burn the consumer hand and gas combustion is not sufficient, for a long time to be in a space will produce chronic carbon monoxide poisoning, resulting in consumers due to hypoxia and dyspnea, face burning.

3. High-end: smoke pot in use will produce the smoke through the mouth of the pot and intelligent purification treatment (principle is to boil the evaporation of water vapor into the pot from the pot mouth to the following purification and filtered into water), smoking rate of 95% or more, to reduce the harm to human body and the surrounding environment pollution. This product has the characteristics of gas absorption, purification, protection, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. Easy to use, just a month to change the water. But the traditional Hot pot so that the whole space smoke, thick smoke flavor. 

4. Environmental protection: the use of scientific method to design gas heat flow, improve the utilization rate of heat energy, reduce emissions, hot pot restaurants become a non-smoking, health, high-end, elegant and comfortable. Let you do not have to worry about the decoration of the interior is subject to the dangers of cooking. And the traditional pot fumes will directly damage the interior decoration.

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