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Scientific influence of electromagnetic furnace radiation


The hot pot induction cooker as a modern kitchen revolutionary representative products, I believe we are not unfamiliar. The characteristics of the electromagnetic furnace is very bright, more than one furnace, save time and efficiency, very consistent with the rhythm of modern life, almost every family have a need to prepare from time to time. But the topic of the harm of electromagnetic oven, but also in our daily life extremely high frequency dinner conversation, then the harm of electromagnetic furnace exactly what? 

According to the World Health Organization survey, the electromagnetic radiation on the human body has five major impact:

1. Electromagnetic radiation is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer mutation;

2. Electromagnetic radiation can make the male sex function drops, female endocrine disorders;

3. Electromagnetic radiation is one of the predisposing factors cause miscarriage, infertility, birth defects and other disease;

4. Excessive electromagnetic radiation directly affect the child's body tissue, bone development, resulting in visual acuity, liver function decline, severe can lead to retinal detachment;

5. Electromagnetic radiation will cause direct damage to the human reproductive system, nervous system and immune system;

In fact, the main source of electromagnetic radiation from electromagnetic radiation, even though the radiation frequency of the electromagnetic furnace is only 1/60 of the frequency of the mobile phone signal, but the radiation power is much more than the mobile phone signal. The radiation power is mainly determined by the electromagnetic wave leakage of the electromagnetic furnace, the greater the leakage, the greater the user's damage! Long or long time use will have a greater negative impact on human health.

Maybe now we would like to ask the: is not because of the electromagnetic oven these breathtaking harm. We're going to abandon the use of electromagnetic oven? In fact it is not true. As long as the use of appropriate, the use of induction cooker is not terrible. 

Below, the editor will introduce some of the scientific method to prevent the harm of electromagnetic furnace:

1. To prevent the electromagnetic furnace damage from the first to start with the purchase of electromagnetic furnace must choose the regular brand manufacturers of regular manufacturers of electric cooker;

2. Conditions permit, the purchase of a stainless steel fiber production of anti electromagnetic apron and anti electromagnetic gloves, to do a good job details;

3. Do the electromagnetic furnace maintenance work, timely remove the greasy dirt, the maximum extent to avoid the leakage of electromagnetic waves.

4. When buying an electromagnetic furnace, to ask the seller for the electromagnetic induction strength test report, the choice of low field strength of the electromagnetic furnace;

5. Use the electromagnetic furnace must be careful to avoid and electromagnetic furnace is too close;

In the purchase of the electromagnetic oven in addition to look at the brand also have other considerations:

First of all, to see whether the purchase of the furnace surface is smooth and no damage. The furnace surface of the electromagnetic furnace which is now sold in the market, most of which are made of heat resistant ceramic. When you buy an electromagnetic oven, pay attention to the flatness of the furnace. Such as the furnace surface is convex, concave or one side of the tilt, will affect the normal production of thermal efficiency.

Second, it is to pay attention to the stability of the induction cooker. Purchase should pay attention to, in the induction cooker does not work, the electromagnetic oven over to check the fan blades and the shaft, the shaft and the bearing should be seamless, not hard up; after energized, the motor should be no significant noise or friction sound, the fan blade rotation should be smooth, without the loss of a round or swing rotation phenomenon.

The greater the power, the greater the power consumption. At the same time, the price of power is also high, usually large power file is not used as a waste. Before buying, you should consider how many people in your family usually have a meal. For three homes and a single person, the purchase of 800 watts of electromagnetic furnace will be able to meet the requirements.

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