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The unique charm of the hidden type hot pot table


Now young people are particularly fond of together to eat hot pot, hidden type hot pot table, it is to attract their unique highlights. Hidden type pot table is a new type of electromagnetic oven hot pot table.

1. Hidden type hot pot table is in the use of pot or kettle can be placed directly on the table glass surface heating, compared with the traditional hot pot table, but not affect the shape of the hot pot table.

2. The hidden type chafing dish table structure composed by the table and special custom glass and in the electromagnetic oven. Hidden type electromagnetic oven has the advantages of convenient installation, ink stone table can be designed and customized according to the style of restaurant customers, table glass surface color and table segment can be by customer demand set sample.

3. Hidden type chafing dish table in the largely enhance the integrity and the beauty of the product ink stone effect, the reasonable combination to improve the safety of products.

4. Hidden type hot pot table is the use of electromagnetic furnace equipment to science and technology, diversified and multi-functional, in the modern furniture and catering enterprises in the development of a positive leading and promoting role.

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