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Hot pot shop decoration style


Hot pot shop decoration design, to the actual departure from the different pot shop, in order to building style, hot pot, and other factors to measure the location, to attract customers. Overall, the hot pot shop decoration design style, but should pay attention to avoid the following issues:

One, the hot pot shop structure is single;;

Two, the store air turbidity and moisture;

Three, the store has a small table spacing;

Four, the environmental space is depressed;

Five, the lack of unique features of the decoration.

Now the city is not only pay attention to eat nutrition, eat healthy, the food and beverage environment is also more and more attention. So hot pot shop decoration can't be ignored, the following we introduce a successful mid-range hot pot shop decoration elements, and hope to be able to benefit the majority of hot pot shop.

1. Hot pot shop design and decoration of the masses style: the mass type hot pot shop is the main force in the shop, the largest number of its. Business types are relatively single, the original data in the middle and low priority, the flavor of the majority of the local people can afford to bear. This type of hot pot shop in their own characteristics, scope, level, service differences, in the customer each have their own position and image. Have own unique characteristics, moderate in price and chafing dish costs more humble flavor of the masses and the intimacy, seat rate and turnover rate is higher. Mass type hot pot shop with the price of the masses and the separation of the operating mode is sensitive and diverse, the service object for the masses of consumers, business management approach to the separation of their own practice and other characteristics.

2. hot pot shop design and decoration style: flavor type hot pot shop is a common food culture, with a strong central flavor, a single type, but a great impact on the hot pot shop, often with a certain representative, is the historical, regional, national character of the integrated anti. This type of hot pot is more than the type, the soup is more fixed, the service has certain characteristics, the flavor is recognized. Style hot pot shop with the planning and decoration have a rich theme and connotation, the customer can feel the common cultural influence and emotional appeal, eating and music separation, participation, to show some special significance of the activities, the atmosphere is relaxed and harmonious.

3. Hot pot shop decoration design luxury style: the luxury type hot pot shop in a region have a high reputation, decoration equipment is complete, the environment is beautiful, in the production of hot pot is very elegant. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary hot pot shop, the price is high, the high quality of the hot pot, superb service and dining environment is unified with senior cooking and service staff, the service object to high income are mostly. Luxurious type hot pot shop with high cost and the cost of hot pot, service level, dining environment integrated, hot pot products and technology are highly unified, service object stability and social image outstanding, management in place, system perfect and so on.

4. Hot pot shop decoration fashion design style: fashion type hot pot shop in the store decoration foot work, should pay great attention to the restaurant design and fashion elements into one, and in the light of western dining environment, create a petty bourgeoisie, complete different in the minds of consumers of chafing dish store oil all over the floor and heavy flavor assail the nostrils impression fashionable type chafing dish to implementation of "beauty food" concept, the creative combination of glazed, flowers and exquisite utensils and dishes. Those who serve the porcelain plate is very delicate, very beautiful, end up the dish makes people feel fresh. Hot pot shop decoration design is different from the snack bar, snack bar, gift shop decoration. Hot pot shop design and the distinction of these shops have decided the hot pot shop decoration my characteristics. Affect the hot pot shop decoration elements of a lot of. Hot pot shop decoration store decoration design, to practice from the hot pot shop, to the building style, hot pot, and other elements of the astronomical position to weigh, to absorb customers. Overall, hot pot shop decoration can't make people feel that the environment is not to be suppressed and the lack of creative features decorative; hot pot shop design can't be constructed monotonous; hot pot shop air to prevent the opacity and moisture; three is the store's table spaces are too small. Hot pot shop decoration design, to consider the health status of the kitchen, due to the customer some time may go to the kitchen, if the kitchen health is very bad, then it will give customers a very bad impression, which will seriously affect the overall image of the store. Especially in the summer, hot pot shop decoration company to do so, every detail to do health work.

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