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What are the commercial and domestic electromagnetic foci


Commercial electromagnetic oven, as its name implies, refers to is the electromagnetic furnace used in public places, such as pot shops, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, factories, mines and enterprises, institutions and schools, troops, trains, ships and other public kitchen, particularly suitable restrictions on the use of all commercial kitchen fire.

Home hot pot is relatively small, the use of a pan, and the 220V exchange into DC, the realization method is simple, household electric cooker power is generally within 2200 watts (actual power 1900 watts or less), home electromagnetic furnace requirements to ensure that every day 2-3 hours. The commercial electromagnetic oven is a round bottom pot, and the power to reach the 35KW, material selection and control mode and home electric cooker is completely different. Electric fried king, commercial induction cooker is a commercial industrial grade products. With home electromagnetic furnace can't  match the stability and durability. Normal use, can work continuously for 10 years (100000 hours) or more.

What are the commercial and domestic electromagnetic foci?

1. tTthe appearance of novel design, color rich, commercial furnace is usually larger, the appearance of the design is safe, practical, in addition to professional hot pot induction cooker, the basic stainless steel as the main material, no decoration;

2. Switch operation touch type. Domestic stove is mainly buttons and a touch screen switch, commercial ovens usually remote control buttons, touch the wire, wire sliding rod away from the surface of the furnace switch;

3. Product quality is different. Because of the high power and long working time, the commercial furnace adopts industrial grade components, which is designed and produced in accordance with industrial grade standards, so that the stability and durability of the electric cooker is incomparable.

4. Different power size. Household furnace power is generally less than 2.5KW, the commercial furnace, in addition to professional hot pot electromagnetic, usually between 3KW~35KW.

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