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Make a good market investigation when open a hot pot


To open a pot shop before the need to do a good job market survey, to understand the market prospects and development trend of the pot shop ready. The Hot pot shop doing booming.

First, the hot pot Market survey:

1. The impact of economic development on the hot pot, which includes the increase in consumer demand for hot pot, the existing hot pot restaurants in the structural contradictions, social development and national policies and measures for the development of catering industry has played a huge role in promoting the role of the objective environment and the consumption of instability and other factors.

2. The traditional factors on the impact of the pot, which contains a pot of history, wide, cultural, unique, etc..

3. The impact of the surrounding environment, including policy environment, such as the opening of the security situation, functional departments, such as: infrastructure, such as road transportation, parking location, water and electricity supply, communication network, procurement channels, consumer groups, financial, health, labor and other related facilities, such as tax, all kinds of fees, rent, personnel and other aspects of whether preferential policies.

Two, the hot pot market:

1. Location: hot pot shop of its business has a greater impact on the business, to fully understand the hot pot geographical factors. The same area, different stores and pot products serve different consumer groups; and the same store and the pot to the different regions will also be changed.

2. Population classification: by people's living, culture, religion, ethnic and other factors, the consumption of the hot pot is different, the varieties, grades, purposes are different. Different levels of consumer groups, the grade, the variety of requirements are also different.

3. The customer segmentation: in addition to the customer, occupation, income and other external considerations, but also analyze the motivation is the traditional thrifty type, affordable, trendy impulse type, or luxury assertive type and so on, in order to achieve tangible results.

4. Behavior analysis: the customers into the regulars, guests, flow fit, new customers, such as, which with the hot pot shop chafing dish quality, service level, customer trust and so on.

Three, hot pot Market positioning:

1. According to the grade: high, medium and low, or luxury shops, restaurants, public stores, such as self-service;

2. According to the functional points: characteristics of hot pot, fast food, hot pot, hot pot, etc.;

Before the shop to according to these standards, combined with their own characteristics, choose their own business varieties.

Four, the price of the positioning, the important factor of the business, in other conditions, the price is the decisive factor:

1. High and low combination method: in the initial stage, with high quality hot pot, high level service, low price to meet customers. Can quickly win customers, establish the image, open the situation, to achieve normal operation.

2. High and high knot legal: starting point, high efficiency. To high quality hot pot, high-grade environment, high grade decoration, high level of service to attract high levels of customers. Big risk, profit is also large, after entering a virtuous circle of income is also great.

3. Brand monopoly Law: unique pot products, unique formula, patented hot pot products, can be used for higher prices of hot pot, but the variety of flavor characteristics to remain unchanged.

4. The popularization of law: the mass Hot pot variety, popular price supply of low-cost, small profits.

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