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Pay attention to what issues when decorate


Open shop is not only a hot pot is very important, because it will greatly affect the source is large, as well as hot pot shop decoration design is also very important. With the advent of winter, the hot pot is getting more and more popular. However, hot pot shop decoration and other food and beverage industry in the same place, there are also different points, hot pot shop decoration has its own unique place, so hot pot shop decoration need to pay attention to what?

One, the overall layout

Hot pot shop area of different sizes, but to take full advantage of the space to lay the table but can't appear crowded. Table of choice, the general size of the store can choose the size of 120-140cm, for 10 to the big table, small table with 80cm*100cm, suitable for 2-4. The round table is suitable for middle place, suitable for table against the wall, window, can make full use of the area. The number of the round table with table should be carried out according to the structure of the hall for collocation. Conditional shop also can set up a single room, put a larger table. Chairs and tables are best matched, which is conducive to the appearance and arrangement. Fall Taiwan is a storage cabinet and table, cabinet deposit tableware, counter dishes down, drinks and other activities also put on the counter. Commonly used in the specifications, length is 80cm, width is 50cm, height is 70cm. The proportion of the number of the table and the table is 1:2-1:4, the specific number and placement of the table to be arranged according to the table.

Two, Restaurant Channel

In the layout of the restaurant, it is not only to consider the full use of business area, but also to consider the convenience of guests to enter and leave, but also to avoid disturbing other guests. Make a table seating size is about 50cm, at least the channel size walking 100cm. Line: guest circulation should be in from the door to the seat between channel unimpeded as the basic requirements, generally uses the straight line as well, because any twists and turns. Set up in the area of the drop, you can store the tableware, but also help to shorten the route of service personnel. Waiter: Waiter in the restaurant line length has a direct impact on work efficiency, in principle, the shorter the better. In circulation to the waiter arrangement, pay attention to a direction of road works circulation do not focus too much on the, as far as possible to remove unnecessary twists and turns, in the region set down, can deposit tableware, but also on service personnel relationship routes. The air conditioning equipment in the restaurant is better still use central air conditioning.

Three, kitchen decoration

Hot pot shop kitchen equipment and layout is consistent with the production characteristics of the hot pot is an important part of the production of hot pot. In the design of the kitchen equipment and layout, to consider the size of the kitchen, safe and easy to operate. Kitchen area control in 60 - 30 square meters, the kitchen power supply equipment. The kitchen is the place where the electricity is relatively concentrated, so there must be a separate control device and the overload protection device. After the kitchen wire should be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, anti mechanical wear. Each device has a reliable grounding line and a nearby installation of a circuit breaker. Lighting and ventilation in the kitchen. Good lighting and back air to ensure that the seasoning division can accurately and the color of the food to determine the color of the food, and can improve labor efficiency and reduce the injury. Must be equipped with anti - flies, dust, anti - mouse facilities.

Four, the overall tone

Hot pot shop generally do not generally choose color white, yellow or red, black or gold, is warm. Can put some green plants for decoration, but not too much in the position. The overall tone of choice or in accordance with the style of the hot pot shop to choose.

Five, natural gas

Should be in a natural gas, gas transmission and maintenance of the location, in the decoration should be all the time. Oxygen welding for gas transmission pipe, pressure test, no leakage. If liquefied gas cylinders should be placed under the table, and placed in the direction of the gas stove switch to the attention of both the convenient service to adjust the size of the furnace, and the convenience of our customers for adjusting the size of the furnace. In addition, the room should be equipped with adequate fire equipment.

Six, supporting facilities

卫Toilet is essential, and the air conditioning and ventilation system must be better, hot pot restaurants, ventilation is not good to go on the feeling is very stuffy, I believe that such a dining environment who will not like. Large rooms can alone make a toilet, or in rows of rooms next to a bathroom design, with the hall bathroom independent.

Seven, wall decorations

Hot pot shop on the wall can be appropriate decorative landscape painting, as well as a warning signs, warning signs to make materials depending on the restaurant decoration style, the size of 34cm x 19cm. For example, please take care of your belongings and other warm tips.

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