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Marketing awareness of hot pot restaurant


The so-called catering marketing, not only refers to the simple catering sales, advertising, publicity, public relations, etc., it also includes catering operators to make guests satisfied and to achieve the catering business objectives and a series of plans, a wide range of food and beverage products and services to create a service. It is not just a number of piecemeal food marketing activities, and more is a complete service process. Catering marketing should have the following premise consciousness:

Senior staff: we must select senior staff as marketing director, because catering marketing is a long-term and arduous work. First to familiar with the environment, familiar with guest, familiar with the operation procedures, mastery goal source localization, of regulars, regulars, consumer and surrounding competition should be well aware of. To have capacity of propaganda, organization, and if strong competitors in marketing, public relations, can pay attention to the information feedback and inter departmental communication and services in a timely, rapid, agile, the operation to specifications, correct, efficient, honest and trustworthy.

Collecting information: information is the information age, information is also productive. With information, marketing has the corresponding countermeasures and ways to meet the challenges, the success of marketing. Through information to understand the psychological needs of consumers, to obtain reasonable suggestions, and the relevant departments to implement marketing operations, can be in service, product improvement and improvement. Information can also be closer to the distance between customers, improve customer satisfaction.

Marketing awareness: Catering marketing staff must have a strong marketing awareness, to achieve the purpose of marketing products, first of all should grasp the customer's needs, understand the customer's spending power, level, identity, condition characteristics, special needs and individual needs, and coordinate related services, as far as possible to meet the needs of guests. In the reception, we must correctly understand the needs of the guests details, such as number, dining purposes, other phone, name, unit, the guest of honor dietary preferences, such as the special circumstances.

Personalized service: let the guests by respecting and caring for and won at home feeling, making it in receiving services feel value for money. Food and beverage marketing personnel should have ability to guide consumption, it is first necessary to actively communicate with the guest, usually to memorize a guest's spending habits. As the saying goes "a good memory as rotten written", write down guests habits and preferences in the book, such as favorite dishes, service requirements, position of the box, the purpose of entertainment, serving speed requirements, the staple food snack preference, toast and scale, consumption standards. In the service process, the waiter to the truth service, heart to do things, so that people do not move, eyes, pay attention to every corner of the change, to ensure the quality of service in place and fill.

Guest history record: record the guest history file, can track the service, understand the information, grasp the consumer's dynamic. The introduction of this service initiatives, will play a key role in the training of member consumers. Also regularly visit, participate in the customer's life, to build a harmonious relationship with customers, so that enterprises in the market competition in an invincible position.

With these premises, and then take the appropriate means of marketing, marketing can be a natural food. Based on an orderly plan, determine the business direction of catering enterprises, conduct market survey to determine the direction of business; After in-depth market segmentation, analysis of competitors and the situation of, determine marketing objectives; then decided to study service products, sales channels, price and marketing strategy; determine the specific implementation plan and financial budget, and through the implementation of a period of time, again according to the feedback information, timely adjust the direction of the business and marketing strategy, finally reaching the best combination of guests, price, performance, product, packaging, promotion of many factors.

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