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Knowledge of foreign hot pot


Japan hoe Sukiyaki: ingredients are pieces of beef, shrimp, sliced chicken, fish, pig lean meat slices, kidney slices and, ingredients are fans, spinach, Beijing cuisine, onions and other. Eat is usually will heat a frying pan and heat until the oil into the Beijing cuisine, onion slices stir fried to eight mature, and then put their favorite various ingredients into the pot, side of fried to eat. To eat half, then add soup and boil seasoning, rinse in soup in food ingredients.

Korean pickled cabbage white fat meat hot pot: use charcoal fire heating, stock for seafood soup, the pickled is famous, white fat meat that pork, with blood sausage, clams, eat more primitive, but is appetizing.

South Korea: Stone Hot pot is chili oil, chili powder, covered with cover meat and chicken manure, very spicy. 

Indonesia curry hotpot: condiments is Indonesian native curry, fan leaves, coconut powder and spices. Rinse with fish, prawns, chicken, beef, bottom of the pot is based on rice extract, as ceiling juice elegance.

Swiss cheese fondue: put the cheese in a pot, boiled liquid, then add white wine and fruit wine, eat with fork length will be French bread put into the pot of liquid cheese, cheese bread soaked into the instant.

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