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A detailed introduction to the hot pot table


A detailed introduction to the hot pot table:

1. The use of range: hot pot table is initially mainly solid wood hot pot table, now the steel wood hot pot table has been used more and more, is widely used in rinse, such as hot pot restaurants, on behalf of the passion and fashionable and popular. Smokeless Hot pot equipment installed in each Hot pot on the table, even the development of oil smoke purification stove. Principle is when the pot to boil the oil holding water vapor to venture into the pot hole around, around the hole from the pot ceiling to below the purifier purify water, and then a month for a water.

2. The characteristics of the hot pot table: the shape of the hot pot table is similar to the ordinary table, the middle part of the table or part with heating function, usually the desktop will open the hole, so that the installation of heating components.

3. Hot pot table classification: hot pot table according to the main materials: steel wood hot pot table, solid wood hot pot table, stone pot table, plate type hot pot table, etc.. 

4. The electromagnetic oven hot pot table, chafing dish table retail price and wholesale price equal, direct electromagnetic oven chafing dish table, electromagnetic oven hot pot table: a pot electromagnetic oven glass chafing dish table, cauldron, electromagnetic oven hot pot table. All the price, product pictures and evaluation information about the hot pot table of the induction cooker, the price of different business by comparing the hot pot table, service, user reviews to make a decision.

How to better clean the table chair

1. If encountered in the case of the table chairs, the neutral soap water and warm water to 1:20 after the proportion of mixed with a clean, then rinse with clean water, and the table will be dry, you can restore the appearance of the table.

2. Whether it is wood, or the United States of the United States Board of the table, after the meal should be micro wet cloth to wipe, and then wipe dry, so that the table at any time in a dry state.

3. As for the glass table, due to the characteristics of acid and alkali, the use of cleaning agents is less limited. If the gap between the desktop and desk pad if there is enough food into the soup, also need to remove treatment immediately.

Maintenance of table chairs

1. Glass table should be in the glass table mat and the table to place a non slip pad, so as to avoid the glass slide.

2. The use of heat insulation pad or napkin pad to prevent heat or oil damage to the desktop.

3. keep the table dry. After the meal to micro wet soft cloth to wipe, and then wipe with a towel.

4. Even the seemingly smooth patch or plates desktop, can 't use dish piece of scouring pads or steel brush grinding, so as not to damage the paint.

5. Solid wood dining table chairs, can be to the furniture manufacturers to buy and care of the oil, about every half year coated table chairs, can be achieved to protect the function of wood.

6. Acid and alkali resistant glass desktop, can use the anti fog spray clean.

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