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FASHION HOT POT restaurant--Guangzhou branch

Congratulations FASHION HOT POT restaurant --Guangzhou branch open

Project overview:Time: 2018

Product: Smokeless hot pot equipment, Electiric Fliting hot pot.

table:1.2*0.9m,1.6*0.9m,;hot pot induction cooker: 320*320mm 3000w,, purifier: 510*360*420mm,200w, stainless steel pot:320*320mm.

Quantity: 40 pcs for hot pot table,induction cooker of hot pot,stainless steel pot, purifier and steel ring

Restaurant owner: Guangdong Shunde Yingpai Electrical Technology CO.,LTD.

Background: Yingpai Company want to expand their business field in catering industry,then they can know what their client want! Our client open the second FASHION HOT POT resturant in GZ.

Scheme feature: Hot pot is one of the favorite food in China.Purifier offers a smokeless and comfortable eating environment for customers.

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