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It's the Smokeless BBQ's TURN!


When the weather is getting hot, the food industry also come full circle. Recently, we found that many stalls are bustling downtown scene, and once hot pot restaurants, as the weather turns hot business is relatively cool.

Hot pot shop transfer to selling barbecue

Hot Pot has a highly seasonal. In the urban areas of business operations hot pot Mr. Shaw tells us: "My shop is a fourth quarter operating hot pot, the second and third quarter, with operating other food items in mid-April this year, we launched a barbecue shop on the main and secondary. in the East China Sea crab claws, Sichuan snails, cold summer featuring the new business model. "


In addition, Mr. Shaw also told us that the introduction of hot pot restaurants than the average outdoor barbecue grill much more convenient. "Hot Pot shops have their own fixed facade and a stable and reliable supply channels ingredients, we can guarantee the quality and do not affect the city, but also to achieve smokeless BBQ even with the wind and rain and other inclement weather, but also to adapt barbecue shop changes in the weather. it is also one of the reasons we launched the pot shop summer barbecue. "Mr. Shaw said.

We also learned that from Interview ,in addition to most of the hot pot restaurants, the urban part of the hotel also launched a summer barbecue. Wishful restaurant staff would tell us that the hotel last year launched a barbecue, mainly to meet the needs of consumers and for the hotel to attract more tourists. In addition, there are some restaurants said they plan to launch in the May 1 International Labor Day barbecue items.

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