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Meeting in Shanghai international hotel supplies exhibition


The practice of Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Exhibition as one of the hotel and catering industry on a global scale largest and most influential, the level of the highest Expo, pay attention hotel supplies industry innovative elements and green concepts. As the main exhibition of HDD and an important part of the "Shanghai international hotel supplies fair" (Shanghai HOTELEX), as of today has been successfully held for twenty-two years. Its contains ten themed areas, respectively for food supplies and equipment exhibition, high-end food and Beverage Exhibition, wine and Spirits Exhibition, coffee and tea show, hotel tabletop show, it and security products exhibition, hotel linen and textiles exhibition, room supplies and appliances, Baking Exhibition, sports fitness and entertainment and Leisure Exhibition, for insiders to provide one-stop procurement and information integration platform.

Yingpai group also participated in the 2016 the 25th Shanghai hotel supplies exhibition, March 29 in 2016 in WT206 for generous gifts waiting for the broad masses of customers coming. hope you will have a nice trip when you need prepare restaurant.


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