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New partnership the key point is the new "win-win cooperation."


As we all know, hot pot restaurant industry is one of China's fastest growing format in recent years, and, in China's catering industry into the new century under the most bleak winter background, the impact is minimal, it can be described as thriving.

Faced with profound changes in the industry and hot food culture diversity objective requirements, each company should work together to establish a win-win cooperation as the core of the new partnership, businesses should work together to share resources, promote common development.

“Winpai” is not only an advocate of win-win cooperation ,but also the practitioner with more effective solution. May 23, our sales director Zhang Guiling represent to participate in the Zhuhai Yiping Commodities Ltd. organized industry exchange meeting , share exchanges and the person in charge of all walks of life, to promote mutual understanding and seek cooperation to achieve win-win!


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