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preparing a big event


Guangdong Province the first hot pot restaurant industry information exchange Conference and catering enterprises in Guangdong pot Alliance General Assembly, to be held in Guangzhou Conghua in July 2016 28-7 29, will invite each pot industry elite come to the scene. As a Division I title units, actively preparing related matters of the General Assembly.

Meaning pot Industry Alliance inaugural meeting held in the country that brought together industry elite hot pot, hot pot integrate industry resources to build a national platform for cooperation as the goal, to promote industrial development in Guangdong Province pot.

Pot industry to carry out national affairs. Diversification of trade exchanges set mode alliance, information services, investment cooperation, public service activities as a whole, is committed to build the country's fondue Industry International Development class platform. Pot League was established, marking the internationalization of Chinese hot pot, Chongqing hot pot all over the globe to further accelerate the pace.

Organizers: Guangdong hot pot restaurant business alliance

Sponsor: Zhuhai Wai Kee Hot Pot Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.

Supported by: China Cuisine Association, Association of Chongqing hot pot Association Shanxi, Shandong, Shanxi fondue pot Association Association

Title units: the benefits of Kerry Food Development

Sponsor: Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou grand

Hebei full Dole Food Co., Ltd. Sales

Chengdu Hi-tech Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Beijing Dongfang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Chiwa

Guangdong Shunde Yingpai Electrical Technology Co.,LTD

Guangzhou Yuan UNITA Food Co., Ltd.


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