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We held the second product knowledge training-WINPAI


On January 6, 2016, we held the second product knowledge training in the exhibition hall, this training was taught by Mr. Wu who is our engineer of the technology engineering center. He detailed analyzed and taught the main products which hot pot induction cooker and home appliance theory, process characteristics, product performance, product composition, methods of operation, production notes, the quality standard.

Personnel involved in the training from various sectors, the effect is significant. It made the sales, production and management people to grasp the product production process, technical performance and use of professional knowledge through studying and training, so that the sales enhances the ability to develop new markets, improve the level of sales and marketing services.


2016 annual product knowledge training will be continuous, Mr. Wu will teach the product knowledge about commercial induction cooker, electric cooker, electric BBQ grill and oven,non-smoking pot, newest intelligent frequency conversion steam hot pot, and other products.

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