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GuangDong ShunDe YingPai Electrical Technology CO., LTD is focused on the hot-pot production like hot- pot induction cooker, hot-pot table, hot-pot accessories and etc, also it is the design, customization, sales for the integration of professional company. After years of hard work, we have already obtained ISO9001, CCC, CB, CE, UL certifications. For the mission to be the global first hot-pot equipment one-stop solution experts, to create the global first brand of hot-pot business equipment for vision. After years of development, with people-oriented professional management concept, innovation of core technology, whole-hearted service consciousness and gradually growing team, we already have been the designated partners with many famous hot-pot restaurants like Qin Xiang MuRen , ShangShang Lao,HanShi Fang,Ba Jiang Jun, FuQi Dao, Huang Ji Huang, Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot ,Little Lamb, Qi Hot Pot, QinMa hot pot, Little Sheep hot pot ,JiaPu JiaPu Hot Pot and etc.


news-hot pot equipment, hot pot table, hot pot cooker-WINPAI-img

          "The pursuit of perfection, professional to create a better future". YingPai has provided a convenient ,fast and comfortable products and services for thousands of hot pot restaurants in the world, and make unremitting endeavor to realize the pursuit of exquisite hot pot for more hot pot restaurants and hotels in the world. It has more than 10 years experience and professional R&D department in the aspect of professional commercial induction cooker production. After years of steady development, our company has gradually become one of the largest induction cooker manufacturers in China, the annual output of 50 million units. In 2010 our company formally exploit overseas market, after four years of rapid development, our products are exported to the United States, South Korea, South America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.




Foshan Ronggui Yingyue Industrial Co., LTD

Foshan Ronggui Yingyue Industrial Co., LTD is a engaged in tea research and development, production, sales for the integration of comprehensive enterprise, it is founded in 1996, the production base is built in Guangdong shunde which is said to be the home appliance kingdom.

The company mainly produces microcomputer digital intelligent electromagnetic tea stove and electric tea stove, tea tray (plastic). Equipped with tea tray, tea sets and a complete set of production related ancillary products of tea which are with import pear, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, ebony, wenge and other high-quality timber as material. It has more than 30 sets all kinds of injection machines ,as well as the injection workshop, hardware punching workshop, to fundamentally ensure the product quality ,also reduce the manufacturing cost relatively.each products in our company is carefully designed ,finely crafted, pursuit of perfection is our purpose. welcome your patronage and support for the inheritance and development of tea culture! We will devote to provide our customers with quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

Company Address: No8, 6 Cross Road, Tianhe industrial Area, Ronggui, Shunde, Foshan City , Guangdong province.


Guangdong YingPai Building Decoration Co., Ltd

Guangdong YingPai Building Decoration Co., Ltd is a excellent company specialized in indoor and outdoor decoration design and auxiliary product. Since its inception, We always insist on honesty and trust worth -oriented, developing by quality. Also we have a effective management model, with a high-quality, full-expertise, professional integrity of management personnel and a number of full-time professional staff. Engaged in decoration industry for more than ten years, we have a wealth of experience in design, innovation consciousness, have won customers good reputation, truly make that "household is fine, and everyone is a model". We continue to perform, constantly growing during exercise. We firmly believe that bring high quality products and excellent service to all owners. Materials: All main material provisions of the brand, price, size, origin. Provide environmental certification, to ensure environmental protection, to enhance transparency, to ensure that goods are genuine and the price fair. Price: shop around, the price is reasonable.

Company Address: 2third floor, No 27, Lequn Road, RongShan community residents committee, Ronggui, Shunde, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.


Guangdong Foshan Shunde JiShangXuan Catering Equipment Co., Ltd

Guangdong Foshan Shunde JiShangXuan Catering Equipment Co., Ltd is a specialized in hotel dining like stainless steel hot pot table production, electric hot pot table, Chinese style dining table, novel western-style dining table and high-tech product research and development, production and operation in the integration of private scientific and technological enterprise. It has a team of scientific research, technology, management experienced professionals. Stainless steel hot pot table series won many awards like "Chinese famous brand" and "promotion of green products", also it has a number of national patents, products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and regions and win market reputation and praise. JiShangXuan established a partnership with CCTV for stainless steel hot pot table production, Officially became a gold dining booths Partners with CCTV business channel network. After years of hard work, our company insist the business purpose that People-oriented, Innovation, quality first customer first, to provide more quality services for Chinese and foreign customers via better products.

Company Address: 8th floor, No 6,RongLi Tianfu Industrial City, Ronggui ,Shunde , Foshan City, Guangdong Province


ShangKe e-commerce company

ShangKe e-commerce company is located in small appliance manufacturing city –Guangdong Shunde in 2008, relying on shunde electrical appliances production base, with induction cooker production started, becoming the first domestic induction cooker production company. Now we have experienced technical, more than 50 technology research and development staff, more than 300 high-quality personnel, a separate technical and product departments. All products are produced by our own self-designed, open-production.

Company Address: 8th floor, No 6,RongLi Tianfu Industrial City, Ronggui ,Shunde , Foshan City, Guangdong Province


Guangdong Ultra Electronics Co., Ltd

Guangdong Ultra Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in Guangdong Shunde in 1998. It starts on on electronic products research and development, manufacturing. It is the first professional electronic products manufacturer.
The company is a business team of the technical elite, marketing and management experts, with strong research and development capabilities, advanced production equipment, scientific management system, and has been operating in accordance with ISO standard management system, committed to the global direct customer, intermediate customers which are demand for electronic products.
The company mainly produces products: Ultra Electronics, home appliances and accessories.
Our service goal: better ourselves and technological innovation.

Company Address: 2nd Floor, No3,Wuheng Road, Tianhe Industrial City, Rongbian neighborhood committee,Ronggui,Shunde,Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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