R&D ability

The technology center is the main part of the company product development and technology. There are total 10 employees in the technology center included four product engineers, one technology developer, 2 person engaged in the investment decision-making, project management, 1 person engaged in product certification and standard,2 person in laboratory. We enhance learning and communicating according to science and technology development and market demand in the new product development. Through the joint development of design, technology transfer, cooperative development, we make the research and development achievements into productivity as soon as possible, and create benefits for enterprises.Currently all R&D products are exported to the United States, South Korea, South America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and there are a variety of products obtained national patent and Certification.



2、High Quality Production Equipment

Quality products need to have quality equipment manufacturing, Guangdong Shunde YingPai Electrical Technology CO., LTD, the overall level of equipment in the country's leading level.


Fully automatic energy saving wave soldering machine

Wave soldering machine with three-phase asynchronous induction pump to achieve maintenance free, energy saving, high efficiency, reduce the amount of oxidation slag, easy access to wide and ultra high wave and other requirements.


AI automatic plug-in uint

With increased mounting density, enhance vibration capability, improve frequency characteristic enhancement, improve labor efficiency, reduce production costs and so on.



AI horizontal plug-in unit

Horizontal plug-in machine and synthetic jumper plug machine and horizontal components plug-in unit function unique blessing control system, complete jumper and horizontal components plug-in hybrid perfect process, application software based on Chinese Windows system interface is simple and easy to understand, to achieve man-machine interface dialogue.


SMT (patch) machine

Its characteristics are: high density, small electronic products, light weight, high reliability, strong earthquake resistance. Solder joint defect rate is low;
Good high frequency characteristics, reduce the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference;
Easy to achieve automation, improve production efficiency, reduce costs;
Save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc..

3、Access to the technical certification

Shunde Guangdong Yingpai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. production of products to the safety and environmental protection in the production of the most important, the product from the production to the warehouse, we hold the attitude of the consumer, to ensure the production, pay attention to after-sales. Our products stand the test of every single test, and stand the test of the market.

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