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They are passionate, but they are rich;

They also have the infinite vitality, loneliness;

They have ideals, they are not dreams; they are ambitious, but not impetuous;

They work together to learn, to challenge, to work together, to share the fruits of their work;

They shared commitments and shared commitments;

They focus not only on individual goals, but also on the added value of more than one member of their work.

Their excellent professional skills, positive attitude, service to the idea for the cast into the world's leading group to become the world's hot pot equipment leading brand to lay a solid foundation.

This is our team!

A group of passionate, energetic, happy, have ideas, want to develop, the courage to practice. Here, they complement each other, do not worry about the implementation of their ideas is limited to the scope of their abilities; here, they together, not too highbrow, only friends accompanying; here, they deserve affirmation, pay a certain return......

Services team-WINPAI
WINPAI Technology Engineering Center Special Topic

Technology Engineering Center

In order to strengthen the company's capability of independent innovation, accelerate the pace of new products’ research in the field of hot pot induction cooker, so as to promote the economic benefits of the company, to improve the level of industrial technology and the business of technology development and transformation capacity, so we set up Guangdong Shunde Yingpai Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd Technology Engineering Center.
Technology Engineering Center included R & D department, technology department, quality inspection department, central office and other departments, equipped with four laboratories: EMC, reliability, environmental test and comprehensive performance, for our product development, process optimization techniques and product quality improvement, the core technology to provide effective protection.

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