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Recently our company organized to play the badminton


In occasion of this spring, to enrich the cultural and leisure activities of employees, enhance employee physical fitness advocate "happy, happy life" philosophy of life, to create a harmonious corporate culture. Recently, the Department of Personnel Administration to organize a plume feather badminton hall. Company leaders and employees of various departments attended the event and to show their superb skills.

Although the weather is a little hot, but this did not affect everyone's enthusiasm. On the spacious stadium, waving the racket, badminton spinner, laughter, cheers intertwined, singles, doubles, mixed doubles, pull impounded kill you come to me, more than two hours of activities, everyone spirits, scene climaxes . Despite the sweat soaked clothes, but everyone involved in them have come to realize the fun of sports.

Through this event, not only the employees optimistic, cheerful, positive spirit and teamwork, but also improve the physical fitness of employees, and enhance everyone's enthusiasm for sport.


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