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Spring Festival


Spring Festival is refers to the cultural circle of Chinese characters on the traditional lunar new year, commonly known as the "Festival", the traditional names for the new year, new year, new year, but verbal also known as of old, celebrate the new year, Chinese new year, is the Chinese nation most grand traditional Festival.

During the Spring Festival, China's Han ethnic minorities and a number of ethnic minorities have to hold a variety of celebrations. These activities are to ancestor worship God, pay homage to their ancestors, Chujiubuxin, Ying Fuk Jubilee then, pray for good harvest as the main content, rich and colorful form, with rich ethnic characteristics. Influenced by the Chinese culture, some countries and ethnic groups, which belong to the cultural circle of Chinese characters, also have the custom of celebrating the Spring Festival. People in the Spring Festival this day as far as possible to return home and family reunion, the expression of the next year's eagerly looking forward to a new year's life and a good blessing.

New year's Day is approaching, the Spring Festival is coming soon, Ying pai all my colleagues in the Group wishes to the broad masses of customers and friends happy new year, good health, good luck in everything, family safe.
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