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Ying sent electrical partner Fu Chi Road

Ying sent electrical partner Fu Chi Road

Fu Chi Road headquarters is a set of food research and development, technology development, catering franchise, food advisory and planning services for the development of integrated food and beverage companies, under the chain management headquarters and operations training center and straight battalion store development center, Rui Xian's central distribution center of the five nuclear mechanism. Many corporate headquarters with investment consulting department, in charge of the project department, after-sale protection, decoration design department, logistics department, market investigation department, technology development department, network operation Department, human resource department 1000 more than professional talent, professional marketing team as a consultant team at any time for advice.

"Fuqi fish hot pot" Rui Xian's Food Technology Co., Ltd., following the "Rui Yu fish hall", after the success of the project and a gold masterpiece. The spirit of "eating in a proper way, the blessed" business philosophy, "Fu Chi fish hot pot" to spread the pure natural non pollution health health food culture for the mission.

"Fu Chi fish hot pot" the ingredients used from ecological breeding base, drawn in natural living turtles and organic vegetables, to sophisticated professional cooking skills and the secret of dietotherapy formula based, after many years of R & D team concentrated on studying, developed through north and south, all seasons, hot pot dishes.

Over the years, Rui Xian's food and beverage has been working in catering project operation service, Fu Chi road is bearing the weight of the project creativity of this strategic vision, rich experience and very frontier markets, continue to tap the value of wealth, but also to promote the inheritance and development of national food and beverage industry!

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Surplus electric appliances of the hot pot induction cooker, cost-effective, and a wide variety of hot pot furniture, beautiful and practical. Staff professional and service awareness. Surplus electric appliance, it is worthy to be trusted.

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