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YingPai Electrical Technology CO., LTD partner --- Shun Feng Beef Hot pot

YingPai Electrical Technology CO., LTD partner --- Shun Feng Beef Hot pot


Shandong Shun Feng Beef Catering Management Co., LTD is a national high-grade restaurant chain, is a new food leading brands, registered in the national ministry of commerce. Its brands included Jinan shun feng beef, Qing Xin Yi Pin, Le Xuan Chuan Qi and etc. so far it has more than 200 stores nationwide, mainly in the Northeast, Shanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Beijing, Tianjin, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other places, with more than one million square meters business area.

Shunfeng Beef invests 10 million in 2002. Ni Xin as the first person into the private enterprises culture industry, built the Shunfeng grand theatre, has been highly praised by the leadership of province and city and give shunfeng great support and help by the governments, because he dares to sacrifice, dares to undertake the investment risk for all ranks of shandong amateur cultural life and spiritual life. It has total more than 1000 performances on 22nd September 2003 to the end of 2008, awarded "national cultural industry demonstration base "by the People's Republic of China and" shandong province cultural industry demonstration base" by Shandong province. Today Shunfeng theater has become a unique and beautiful landscape in the Jinan cultural market.

After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, hard work, continuous improvement and innovation, Shunfeng becomes a mature group, a successful brand company.

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One of our friends recommended to us the YingPai electrical appliances, its team is professional and took a lot of photos which they worked with, they did for a lot of famous hot pot brand supporting services, so we suddenly feel relieved. Later they did a very detailed plan in a short time and chose the most suitable hot pot equipments for each hot pot. This kind of serious and responsible attitude is reflected in the subsequent services. They send a person in charge of each block points, inspection after the installation and sporadic replacement are they take the initiative to do. As the decorated manager ,we would like to choose such a partner like YingPai. We are thankful for their hardwork!

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