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Yingpai & Huang Jihuang, partner of the partnership

Yingpai & Huang Jihuang, partner of the partnership

Beijing Huang Kee Restaurant Management Limited liability company is a private company engaged in food chain and food research and its main dishes as "yellow Kee three juice braising pot". Huang Jihuang since its inception in 2003, the rapid development of the market, as of the end of 360, the store has reached more than 2012, covering all the provincial capital, except for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, to show the unique style of Chinese dining, to achieve the standardization of Chinese food and create a green, environmentally friendly low-carbon catering model has made outstanding contributions.

"Huang Huang Kee three juice stew pot" as the main Wong Kee Huang dishes, delicious, nutrition from the secret recipe. Huang Jihuang's secret recipe inherited the traditional theory of Chinese medicine, medicine and food, not only focus on the proportion of ingredients and ingredients, but also focus on the proportion of ingredients and drug properties. Chairman Mr. Huang Geng in the Imperial Ancestral based, traditional medicinal diet nourishing theory and modern diet regimen theory combined with dozens of Chinese herbs and spices developed into bottom oil, wine, spices and seven series sauce. Cooking methods exclusive innovation. On the basis of inheriting the traditional cooking techniques into the new concept of the humanities, the traditional "stew" of cooking methods applied to modern catering, pan water completely rely on its own food moisture will ingredients stewed, such not only well save the nutritional components of food, the pot ingredients to maintain their original, make a pot of food to achieve balanced nutrition, tender Xian Xiangmian perfect effect. After nutrition experts, experts in Chinese medicine, standardization experts, "Hwang Kee three juice braising pot" formation of patent technology, and to develop the corresponding operation standard, realizes the integration of patents and standards.

"Yellow Kee three juice braising pot" raw materials and raw materials between collocation are scientifically elegant, calculation, sufficient to achieve the perfect effect of balanced nutrition, Xianxiang Mian tender and sauces series, seafood juice series, acid pepper juice series, spicy sauce series four series, dozens of taste. Diners consumption of rice in the pot at the same time, you can also join the special Xiantang span to eat a variety of meat and vegetables.

"The diet of environmental protection concept of health, soup combined a nutrition security" is the Beijing Huang Kee Restaurant Management Limited liability company and the pursuit of business objectives.

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Along with the people to eat hot pot the request is getting higher and higher, in satisfies people's request, our to pot equipment's request also in the gradual increase. Efficient, reliable, convenient and beautiful pot equipment is our choice. And the full power of the hot pot induction cooker not only good quality, durable and efficient energy saving; hot pot tables and chairs more and more beautiful and practical. Therefore, we choose the surplus electric appliance.

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