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The first Marketing Conference in 2016


 April 21 afternoon, the Guangdong ShundeYingpai Electric Technology Co.,LTD , held its first marketing conference. Senior leadership, management and marketing personnel more than 50 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the first by the new marketing director Zhang Guiling analyzed the current situation and development prospects of surplus allocation, established marketing objectives and tasks of the overall sales target this year, a boost morale and inspire positive action hearts.

Finally, the company leader Mr.liang ,MR. Zhao and other senior leaders were made an important speech, he expressed in 2016 our marketing team and marketing goals full of confidence and said the company would stand in front-line combat marketing staff work to give maximum support and trust.

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The conference not only the backbone of their employees, especially the business more clear the surplus allocation strategy and the development of ideas in the second half of the responses, and establish confidence, and reached "Only by accurately grasp the hot market trends, accurate understanding of customer needs change, do good after market service, for customers to create and deliver value and service to the whole life cycle, to be invincible, "the consensus in the competition.

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