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Talk about Yingpai tea

In China, tea is known as the "national drink"". "" seven treasures, poetry and wine tea fancies of men of letters, "through six, is the carrier of China's traditional culture and art. In the broad and profound Chinese tea culture, tea ceremony is the core. Drinking tea can edify sentiment, self-cultivation, the ideological sublimation to the philosophical realm. Here, Ying sent staff but the interpretation of different tea in their way. Company for each sector with the professional electromagnetic oven, stove and tea. The < a href > pot electromagnetic furnace used and stove is produced by the company. In the busy work clearance cooking on a pot of warm tea, just like the sun in the winter to make people feel warm and comfortable. You see, the "professional" tea, the warm smile. Good working environment, can give employees a good working atmosphere, the company attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, and strive to create a warm and humane working environment for the employees.
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news-Talk about Yingpai tea-WINPAI-img
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