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The new year's Eve


The new year's Eve, also known as the Lunar New Year's Eve, new year's Eve, new year's Eve night, etc.. Is the annual Lunar New year the twelfth lunar month (December) last night. In addition to, that is the meaning of the removal; Xi, refers to the night. The new year's Eve is the new year, as the new year begins, Everything looks fresh and gay. festival. And Qingming Festival, ghost festival, Chung Yeung Festival is China's traditional worship festive, but also popular in the Chinese cultural circle countries traditional culture festival.

New year's Eve because often in the twelfth month of the lunar calendar 29 or 30 days, so it is also called the day for thirty years, is one of the most important traditional festival of the Han nationality. The most attention of the Han people. Bustling about every family or cleaning a house, greet the fathers home new year, and the rice cake, Sansheng temple.

The last day of the lunar year is called "suichu", called "New Year's Eve night". New year's Eve since ancient times a night's sleep, staying up late on New Year's Eve, paste door god, spring festival couplet, posted pictures, hanging lanterns, such as customs, spread so far, prolonged, by the influence of Han culture, new year's Eve is Chinese cultural circle countries and overseas Chinese around the world to the traditional festivals.

New year's Day is approaching, the Spring Festival is coming soon, Ying pai all my colleagues in the Group wishes to the broad masses of customers and friends happy new year, good health, good luck in everything, family safe.


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