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Recently, Guangdong Shunde Yingpai Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. join participate in cross-border electricity suppliers - multi platform operators and in-depth interpretation of the electricity market in India lectures. This day the weather is extremely cold, but also can't stop the enthusiasm of the students, but also can't stop the enthusiasm of the teacher.

The course is divided into two parts, part of India's largest electronic shopping platform speaker -Flipkart depth interpretation of India's electricity market (the Indian market business selling category, business conditions and the independent brand of the note); the second by the Jinan University MBA school teacher GMC, general manager of Pan Yue speaker how to carry out cross-border multi platform operation, Southeast Asia, the United States, Turkey, Russia and other market.


The venue in the new city of Huagui Garden International Conference Hall, the environment is elegant, very suitable for this type of lectures. Ying group also said that it will regularly organize staff to charge, the profit group of each employee is to build a high-quality, efficient international talent!

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