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Winpai organized a product tranning of


With the spread of CCTV, the star product of Winpai in 2016 called“The lift hot pot”was continuing fermenting in the pursuit of all people, and formed a long endless boom. Taking advantage of this boom continues to heat up, our company decided to organize a product training of "The lift hot pot" by the inventor "Bother Flying ".

When the notice was released, the staff of the various departments has been highly concerned about it , and actively enroll in training. Through this product training, my colleagues not only learn about the knowledge of this product, but also broaden their horizons . We are proud of our innovative products.

Group presence is through innovation, high-quality products and services, and solutions to improve our lives. In this changing world, we must learn to change our mind to received the new thing .We do wish Winpai to continue to develop new products to better serve the vast mass consumption in the coming days.



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