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Winpai-lead you know 9D


9D, the world's first virtual interactive entertainment projects, innovation and change the way of life of the public, by building a virtual interactive entertainment industry chain integration business pastor, to help the majority of investors seize the opportunity to seize the market! And 9D with 6 function, can lead you and your customers to have a new experience, 360 degree panoramic helmet, dynamic effects interactive warehouse, intelligent operating handle, 360 degree rotating platform, head to head body sense aim, environment simulation effects.

During the meeting, a detailed analysis of the second quarter sales achievements and existing problems, and combining with the current status of the company, how to enter new areas, develop new markets; how to promote the improvement of sales performance; how to improve the project management ability three big topic of heated discussion, the participants based on a serious and responsible attitude, from the company's actual of freely, providing suggestions jointly plan, a bright future for the company.


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