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Yingpai Technology: 2017 Thanksgiving party


Yingpai Technology 2017 Thanksgiving party

         Yingpai Technology Co., Ltd reciprocal banquet for 2017 has been hold on the evening of December 14,. The theme of technological innovation and win-win cooperation with the party opened the prelude. Participate in the party is from more than 100 dealers from all over the country gathered together a total of friendship, discuss the development.


         The reciprocal banquet officially announced the start of the host, the general manager of the surplus speech made a speech on behalf of all the merchants here expressed a warm welcome and deep gratitude in the surplus camp was founded to 11 years on the road, can not do without the national merchants who Of the support recognized and work together, and introduced the new year's business strategy and development of new ideas, General Manager Liang pointed out that in the future, the surplus will adhere to complement each other to create a win-win business philosophy to enhance the competitiveness of the industry strength Achieve success, and said all the surplus camp staff will always have a grateful heart return customers return to society.

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         In the second half of the party, all the leaders of Yingpyeong and its distributors enjoyed the wonderful programs. While enjoying the Shunde local-style dinners, the programs on the stage one after another made people cheer constantly and touching songs, fantastic acrobats Performances, pleasing dance programs ... brilliant stage, the scene again and again applause.

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